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Upcoming Speaking Engagements


Ramona's Annual Event

Ramona is hosting her first fashion show of her beautiful collection called "Pehris" featuring her handmade soaps, cleansers, eye lash collection, and more. Follow her on Facebook at @Ramona Manning Badger to stay updated. 

Upcoming Speaking Engagements


Empowered Experience - Coach's Connection

Sunday, June 20th at 4:00pm, I will be the featured Coach for W.O.M.B. (Women-Owned Minority Business) on Affirmations and its importance to business owners around the globe. To register, you must contact Maya Harris or visit 

Upcoming Speaking Engagements


Podcast Interview on BMcTALKS

First podcast of the year! On July 6th, I'm super excited to be joining BMcTALKS: Own the Microphone. In this 1-hour special, I will be speaking on how to truly own your own voice. I will discuss times where my voice was tested, where I spoke up for my beliefs, and where my voice truly made its impact. I'll also be sharing my journey of public speaking and how from 2nd grade, my niche for speaking began and took growth throughout my childhood, education, workplace, and beyond. 

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Coach Arnisha T Johnson: Women Empowerment Speaker

Niche topics are Manifestation, Affirmations, Mindset, Seeking Therapy from the "strong" friend, Self Care, Loving The Skin You're In (Eczema and Severe Dermatitis Warrior), Goal Setting for the Busy Woman, and Confidence. 

Please complete the intake form below. Include the dates, how long she's needed to speak, and other important information regarding the event. Once Coach Arnisha reviews the intake form, she will reach out with her rate and the invoice following the brief consultation. 

Latest PodCast Interviews

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